Airport CEO 1.1-0 released

Hej hej, airport CEO!

Today we are happy to announce Airport CEO 1.1-0, a new major content update to Airport CEO primarily featuring the new Airport CEO: Helicopters DLC! Part of 1.1-0 are also a subset of other small changes and improvements, some of which already shipped with version 1.0-46 including a major game engine upgrade. And yes, with 1.1 there’s finally some proper new Airport CEO content available for those who wish and while the work and development of Atmosfar continues in a mostly quiet state, we have during our free time and in-between sprints been working on realizing something of a personal dream of ours: Implementing helicopters in Airport CEO! You can read more about them here, but now it’s time to check out the patch notes below:

Release notes - 1.1-0


  • MERC-221: Curved connection lines
  • MERC-240: Almost any object can now be quickly copied by hovering over it with the mouse pointer and pressing “C”

New feature

  • MERC-3: Small helicopter pad
  • MERC-4: Medium helicopter pad
  • MERC-5: New helicopter: Bell 206
  • MERC-6: New helicopter: Robinson R44
  • MERC-7: New helicopter: Boeing CH-47 Chinook
  • MERC-8: New helicopter: Sikorsky S-92
  • MERC-9: New helicopter: Eurocopter AS350
  • MERC-13: R&D project: Small helicopters
  • MERC-14: R&D project: Medium helicopters
  • MERC-15: Helicopter flying simulation
  • MERC-16: Helicopter turnaround simulation
  • MERC-17: Helicopter incidents
  • MERC-18: New airline: HeliJet
  • MERC-19: New airline: BladeLift
  • MERC-20: Helicopter flight planning
  • MERC-21: Helicopter flight generation
  • MERC-29: Helicopter UI icons
  • MERC-30: Helicopter flight auto-planning
  • MERC-56: Helicopter landing particle effect
  • MERC-89: Helicopter sound effects

It’s likely that we’ll be back in a few days with an additional update stabilizing the Helicopters DLC, keep a look out here and we’ll do the same! :slight_smile: :helicopter:

  • MERC-240: Almost any object can now be quickly copied by hovering over it with the mouse pointer and pressing “C”

Replaces the “C” key to “Q”. The Factorio muscle memory is way too strong.

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Important: code mods like tweaks and custom buildable are yet not patched ans will not work with the DLC!

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Is there a way to uninstall the new version? At least until it is compatible with tweaks?

you need to disable tweaks so far…

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! there is no way to revert to an older Version?

i didn’t found one…
i am stuck at the moment too with mods in pipeline :man_shrugging:

well, I hope it gets sorted out soon. I cannot Imagine playing the game without tweaks anymore :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

@Olof will the rotors be included in the mdk’s too? That would be awesome!

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I guess that could be possible @Fredrik?

Seems the the Heli DLC may not be included in Business class edition on GOG while it is included on steam…

That’s strange, should have been updated by now. Will have a look at it.

Edit: They have not completed that update, will be done within this week or the next or so.

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Rolling out Airport CEO 1.1-1 on the experimental branch featuring the following most critical fixes as of the Helicopter DLC release:

Release notes - 1.1-1


  • MERC-464: Helicopter flights now differentiated using separate colors in the flight planner panel


  • MERC-10: Vehicle purchase tutorial step contains image references to old UI
  • MERC-299: Medium helipad panel incorrectly show option of ability to upgrade to jet bridge
  • MERC-462: Medium helipads R&D project can be researched ahead of the commercial license R&D project
  • MERC-470: Durability modifier is not shown when up- or downgrading medium and large stands

Will sit there for a day or two and then be transitioned over to the deafult branch! :slight_smile:

Update: This version is now available on the default branch! :slight_smile:


Don’t forget the heli mdk :wink:


Better we wait a bit more but then we can mod rotors too :face_holding_back_tears::star_struck:

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Woop woop, swoosh swoosh…

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And I’m continuing to round up issues found:

Seems that if a security staff route is created, the lines will generate curved when going straight horizontally cause of the new system. I don’t know if this is important enough to justify a fix for, but it may be kinda confusing for new players. Same is true for the pathfinding analyzer.

Also pressing f4 when creating a security route like above bugs out the game, not letting you remove the security patrol at all.

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It’s in the works… :joy:

Not sure I agree with this one… :thinking:

Will have a look at that.


Any approx. date, month or year for the mdk release? :slight_smile:


Soon :tm: … it’s in the works!