Airport / Airline Rating at the Beginning

Hello everyone,

only 4 days left!! ;). As we can see in the Trailer you start your airport with a Rating of 50% Airport Rating and 20 % Airline Rating - @Olof & @Fredrik - i hope that it’s not so easy like in AirportSim that we get better contracts :slight_smile:

I’m very excited and i hope, that you found the right balance between managing & simulation!


I do hope that you keep in mind this is a pre alpha game, where balance has not been the first priority :slight_smile:

afaik, the reputation system isn’t really fleshed out yet, so don’t expect too much of that in the beginning


Yes, i know :slight_smile:, but I am optimistic
thank you @pderuiter


Hi there @azb84!
@Olof and @Fredrik have said that this game will be a lot more realistic than other titles such as Sim Airport.

Thus, I would say, from the viewpoint of an aviation enthusiast, that everything will be more in-depth, and thus better, in my opinion.

So I would say that yes, the reputation will be more realistic, and it will be harder to get contracts. :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed

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Hey @PigScroll & @pderuiter, do we See the ga flights in the flight Planer and can we assign the Runways to the ga flights?

No, GA is unplanned :slight_smile:


Ah ok, and ga Uses the gaps in the flight Planer?

Not really, the flight planner is to schedule gates. GA will use gaps in the runway usage which you can sort of plan for by when you schedule landings. Takeoffs depend on getting turnaround done timely otherwise you will not be able to plan when the runway is free.


It’s called a VFR (unplanned flight)

No it’s not.

VFR is for “Visual Flight Rules” and IFR is for “Instrument flight rules”.

GA is for General aviation. They are completely independent and GA can be either VFR or IFR and file flight plans. VFR often file informal flight plans with the departing airfield. Every single flight is planned, whether the plans are logged is different.


Well, yea I was trying to make it more simple.

Incorrect should not be used as a substitute for simple :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm I always wonder how VFR and IFR is different, I’ve run through FSX tutorial and managed to do a VFR landing, but I’ve never figured out what’s IFR (I know it involves reading your instruments)

Back on topic, I’d be interested in checking out the impact of airport rating and airline rating, especially since I’m quite interested in the management aspects

I can explain it to you simply.
VFR (Visual Flight Rules): You navigate visually using landmarks on the ground and stay clear of clouds. Relatively good weather required. 1000ft cloud base and 5km visibility*. Does not require a flightplan, but can be filed if you want SAR services. Some aiports also require you to file a flightplan.

*Depends on the airspace you fly in and can also vary with national regulations.

IFR (Instrument Flight Rules): You navigate using the instruments in the cockpit and use navigation aids on the ground VOR/NDB or GNSS. You can fly in clouds. How bad weather you can fly in depends on the approach available at your destination. For example CAT I ILS requires 550m RVR (Runway Visual Range) and 200ft cloud base as a minimum*.

*Will vary with type of Approach Lightning System (ALS) available, surrounding terrain etc.

The above is not to be confused with:

VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions): Weather conditions that allow you to fly using visual references.
IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions): Conditions that require you to use using your instruments as a reference.

You can only fly VFR in VMC conditions, but IFR flights can be conducted in VMC and IMC conditions.

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When airlines on maintenance flights, GA, helimed, Search and rescue etc want to go flying without filing a flight plan the ATCA print off flight strips in the “Ad-hoc” category. Now you chaps talking about IFR Vs VFR is lovely and all but going back to the aceo flight planner, I believe the chap who described the planner as more of a gate timetable is correct I reckon.

We’d prefer pilots to ppr (per prior permission - where they call up in that little GA menu you get at the side of the ACEO flight planner) but really you could call up half an hour before you want to land and it’d be okay.

Currently stuck at work - at the airport, wishing I was playing ACEO. Is that weird? :stuck_out_tongue:

Disclaimer:- not an ATC/ ATCAssistant…yet :wink: but I’ve been up for a lengthy taster session a few times.

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