Airplane Stuck on Runway

So somehow my small comercial airplanes are stuck on the runway
save (Googel Drive)
just started a normal airport
os win 10 64 bit(curent)
ryzen gtx 1050ti 8gb ram

Loading it up… booting… takes time.


Loaded, oh, that new start area is really small indeed.

Ok, it is indeed stuck, but not an obstacle, I got other planes moving over it. Rebooting game without queue and more gold to see if removing the runway fixes it.

removed the airstrip and added taxi nodes, nothing happened.


After a reload with the runway removed it started moving; seems the plane has some issue with the runway. Btw, the fun thing was; it did not taxi away, it used the non existing runway to fly away.

Okay so… This Skylink airplane is definitely stuck. Nothing on F10 menu even reloading save makes him moving.

Although I think the base cause of bug is this planning. Players should be prevent to build taxiway at the start and end of runway on direction of runway.

Here is your savegame without stuck plane and original funds restored, you can play on :wink:

Google Drive Link

i don’t see/get why this shoud be a problem this works in reallife and it only happend with this palne.


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i don’t see/get why this shoud be a problem this works in reallife and it only happend with this palne.

I have never seen a real life example where airplanes hold short of runway at the start of runway on runway direction. I don’t know you noticed but landing aircrafts fly over holding short airplanes.

well there usualy a littel bit away and angeld but that shoudnt change anything in game

But in Airport CEO it saves precious space :stuck_out_tongue:

Circular runways are also saving spaces IRL but I haven’t seen an actual built one :roll_eyes: Actually the reason of why people build continuous taxiway on runway is because the OTHER airport simualtion game told people to do. :angry:

Aha, I just played Airport Tycoon… cant remember how it then had to be connected :stuck_out_tongue: - got it working on Windows 10 though.

I wasn’t referring Airport Tycoon but THAT OTHER airport tycoon game that was released recently. You know; the arc nemesis :angry:


And you think I take them serious :stuck_out_tongue:. There is just 1 Airport Sim that matters, they should know.

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Thanks for these hints. I’ve had this issue at two airports now since I started using the beta to avoid another bug which had been solved in the latest version - irony. Both airports started on Extreme, so took a while to build up. I guess I have moral rights to replicate it on an easier setting :slight_smile:

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Extreme startup is nice, just not enough extreem yet.

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