Airplane pathing problems when using de-icing

I noticed a problem with the airplain pathing when using de-icing pads. I have setup like below:

Under normal circumstance planes move nicely between the de-icing pads. When temp drops, de-icing trucks will take their place and airplanes are using de-icing pad, everything still moves.

The problem starts when airplanes are in line for the de-icing pad and the temp is going up, and de-icing trucks leave the platform. So no service is delivered on the icing pads, but planes that had the de-icing pad in their path keep waiting to be serviced at the icing-pad.

This condiction stays until you save the game and reload, i guess that with a reload al pathing for all objects is recalculated, and the planes stuck before now are moving again to the runway.

I think that when de-icing pads are closed the pathing of the airplanes should be recalculated, so the plane knows it should not use and wait for de-icing.

If you don’t notice in time, this can completly block your airport and ruin any good rating you had with airlines, spinning your airport into backruptcy.

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