Airlines alliances and categories

I think that it would be be good to have airlines alliances in game, as they are in real life, that could share check-in desks, lounges, and an implementation of shared codes, so one airline could use another airline as a carrier.

Let’s say that there is three different alliances in game (like in real life if I’m not wrong), you sign a contract with one airline, so if that airline have a good rating, then same alliance airlines could offer you better contracts and start with higher initial rating.
At the same time, if you have a not so good rating with that airline, then other airlines from the same alliance wouldn’t offer you so good contracts. It can be also that if the rating with that airline is too bad, then you wouldn’t be offered any contract from the same alliance until your rating raises.

At the same time, I think that airlines categories should be implemented. Said categories could be lowcost, normal and premium (or whatever other category name the devs decide).

At the beginning of your commercial airport you would only be offered lowcost.
Such airlines wouldn’t offer you very juicy contracts and would probably not request too many turnaround services, only the basics like refueling (but not always, as we all know lowcost airlines doesn’t refuel on every stop) de-ice (when it’s cold enough), and baggage, but the proportion of baggage compared to same size aircraft of upper categories would be much lower. For example, a normal 737 would carry roughly one bag per PAX, when a lowcost 737 would only carry half or even less.

Then after you have certain airport rating or unlock it through R&D (or both) your airport would start getting normal airlines that would offer you better contracts and would request more turnaround services, like cleaning and catering.

And once again, when your airport rating is very high and you unlock it, you would be offered premium airline contracts, with more money but also more requirements, like lounges, X amount of dedicated check-in desks, more expensive catering (for this, different levels of catering needs to be implemented) and maybe other stuff that are not yet implemented, but would be in the future.

To conclude, each alliance would have at least one of each airline category.

If this is selected for implementation, we could vote for the names of the alliances.
I already though of my ones, those are: Sun Alliance, One Planet and HeavenCrew (:wink: :wink: :wink:)

Why should this be implemented?

Realism, basically, plus more in-game challenges and more fun in general.


Coding, for sure. But I’m sure that this devteam can solve anything with good planing and time.

For both devs and ACEO community, feel free to add, take away and change anything you might think it’s necessary. Thank you for your time reading.

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