Airline VIP Lounges


I was recently working on some of the interior & commercial spaces of my terminal earlier today, and having a few open areas here and there, I was trying to brainstorm what to put in them. Thinking back to actual airport design, I had a eureka moment and think that I’ve stumbled upon a really neat idea that could be implemented into the game!

Airline VIP Lounges

It’s a relatively simple concept but could add a lot to the game. Designated areas of the terminal that you could create for the use of the airline, be it for First Class passengers, business class, or all of them. It could work like this:

Procurment: In order to first get the lounge, you’d have to either have

  • A lot of business with the airline, maybe a lot of scheduled flights already, or
  • A higher paying contract that requires the building of an expensive lounge
  • Or something else…


  • The lounge could have items like sleeping pods, buffets, special seating, etc.
  • It would have to be built relatively close to the gates, but would also require a decent amount of space, posing creative challenges
  • The lounge could also feature a help desk section that acts as general information for passengers on that airline/all passengers (like the current information boards, think someplace where in real life you’d complain or change flight details)

Usage & Operations:

  • The lounge could create a small amount of revenue for the airport based on the airline using it
  • Multiple airlines could use said lounges
  • It could help relieve seating congestion in other parts of the airport, i.e. if you have a narrow concourse with minimal seating, some passengers would instead wait in the centralized lounge, until right before their flight begins boarding, thus cutting down on overcrowding
  • There could be special conceiegre workers that would need to be hired.

So, what do you guys think?


Wow! Very good idea! Would love to see it implemented to the game!

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A quick search in the forums and you’ll see the developers are planning to do this.

Last comment was on initial release, but we don’t have them so it’s good to throw in a reminder tho…


Lounges will indeed be a part of the initial release. Currently they are built as zones, but that makes no sense and they will be converted into rooms similar to how you build a bathroom or a restaurant. And just like restaurants and bathrooms, you will design everything yourself. There’ll be a special panel for lounges where you assign a lounge to a certain airline with which you have an accepted contract, and just as Bigboy said, in some cases it’ll be a clause of the contract to provide the airline with a lounge.

Lounges will most likely host business passengers and first class passengers (perhaps some lucky coach passengers as well), which is an aspect that is implemented but not yet simulated.


As an addition to this; airlines could require certain priority lanes for security/luggage etc etc for their premium passengers as part of a contract.

This could mean that your airport, basic as it is, maybe is not yet able to sign up certain airlines that require this.


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