Airline schedules - realism

Hey, just a new thought. Sorry.

Feature request title:

To make airline scheduling more realistic - airline should propose a schedule and we should decide whether we are capable or not


Right now it is quite easy to get your airport full - just sign a few contracts and then voila - flights drop one by one. You get your scheduler full in no-time and you earn the $$$.

In real life - airport infrastructure is usually much bigger than the demand (with exception of a few mega airports). It’s the airline that proposes a schedule and you should be able to tell whether you have enough resources to serve the flight, or maybe all your 3 stands are busy at this time.

Airline schedule should be enforced for all types of operations (scheduled, one-time, GA), something like a flight plan or slot planning.

If we do it smart and connect this with dynamic gate/stand allocation - upon approval of such a slot request, flight could be assigned automatically.

Why it should be implemented:

It’s quite naive to believe that airport manager can control anything. Ryanair says “we will fly at this time and you need to have 25 mins turnaround time”. It’s then the airport’s duty to make sure this can happen.

This would make the airport management really advanced and challenging!

Just a note - another inter-connection. Proposed schedule means also a proposed (dynamic) handling time. Are you capable of 25 - 30-35 mins turnaround? Ensure enough staff, available tug etc. I think that would be really cool.


Maybe the scheduling could be expanded so that in addition to the random ‘go anywhere’ flights, some flights (depending on the definition of the contract) could specify must be in this time slot and the system will only allow you to schedule them at that time, it would then be down to you to decide if you want to sign that airline contract based on the percentage of ‘fixed’ flights it will offer you.

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