Airline satisfaction tanked

Hello all,

I recently learned that I can negotiate contracts and have been. Will airline satisfaction tank after contract negotiations? My top 3 airlines all dropped from 100% to 0% and 50 flights a day to less than 15. Nothing changed except the contract negotiations where I raised some prices for them.

To be sure I couldn’t find any other issues I increased the number of check-in desks and security checkpoints to make sure passengers weren’t being held up. Otherwise, just generally curious of the negotiations affect overall satisfaction?

Thank you!

My experience is that airline rating is most strongly influenced by:

  1. Time - new always start at 25%
  2. Successfully turning around flights for their airline
  3. Successfully turning around flights On-time for their airline
  4. Service Availability of services desired (ramp, baggage, waste, catering, and de-icing [even if in non-ice location]) by their airline
  5. Stand Availability (stands of desired size) for flights offered by their airline

I have noticed no correlation to negotiated contracts as I really charge my airlines a considerably larger per flight fee than the original rates.


Thanks. I’m going to keep watching the flight monitor. I think my taxiway setup is not as efficient as I hoped (it’s a large circle/one way) and I think that is delaying aircraft getting to/from their stands and starting the turnaround.

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