Airline + plane of the week

weekly I will now post a airline and airplane at random and some information about them on this topic as a plane/airline of the week. First one is…

Airline: Jeju air
Jeju air is a South Korean low-cost airline based from Jeju city. As the first low cost Korean airline, it is mostly domestic, but has some international flights.

Airplane: beechcraft 1900
The beechcraft 1900 is a 19 seater pressurized twin turboprop engine aircraft used as a regional aircraft. Is also used as a cargo airliner for smaller airports.


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Ja, sry busy with school … (Sorry, I can’t post images right because I’m using a phone)
Airline: Jet blue
Jet blue is the 6th American airliner. They are a low cost carrier out of JFK. They fly planes like a320’s.

The Boeing 727 was a 3 engined midsized narrow body jet for short and medium travel. Produced from the early 1960s to 1984, it could carry 150 to 190 passengers.

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Not made anymore and I would consider it the shortest lasting Boeing plane to be in service.