Airline Maker

When building my airport I wanted to have the freedom of having a terminal for one Airline, but none of them had enough contracts, or not to my liking. It would be very cool to have this option, when you run out of contracts which happened to me plenty of times. It will also be fun to have only one airline to operate most of a terminal and all other ones on a seperate area.

While the game mechanic doesn’t explicitly support this, you can always build a terminal and only schedule flights from one airline to that terminal. You could even name the gates after the airline code (e.g. SW1, 2, etc for Swiftly).

I’m sure as the contract system gets updated/overhauled etc. running out of contracts will hopefully become less of an issue :slight_smile:


You can but as he said, there are not enough contracts and if you run out mid day, you dont get new contracts from that airline until the last flight is successful. It leaves big gaps.

Yup I realise, and as I said hopefully it’s something that gets resolved as the contract system gets developed and they figure out the mechanics of recurring contracts a bit better. For the time being unfortunately we’ll just have to make do with how it is :slight_smile:

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