Airline Fleets

Lately, we have been getting a lot of awesome new planes. The total plane count in the game has gone up by some nice numbers. The problem is, that the airlines in the game use very very weird fleets. I will provide a chart and you will see what I mean.

You see, in real life the majority of airlines try to keep the planes in their fleets in families of common types (A320 family, 737 family, etc.). But airlines in the game just seem to have random plane types which often just make no sense at all. It would also be nice to have dedicated airlines, like some would only use small type planes, some only medium, some only large and some all of them. We can also expand by this and make low cost and legacy airlines.

It is weird to ask for more plane types these days, since we a getting a lot of them. But I would ask for a completion of the 737 NG family, which includes the missing -700 and -900 variants. We can also expand on this by adding the A318 to the A320family. I would also add CFM engines variants (some airlines would only use IAE (current), some CFM and some both, maybe later we can have the NEO variant), also, we can add the classic A320series wingtip and not only have the sharklet version (current version) for A320series. Again, some airlines would have sharklets, some the classic wing tip, some both.

To sup this mess of a post up, I would just switch up fleets of some airlines, more them more logical. Like why would you operate Q400, if you have ATR-72, or E170 and CRJ700. Also, why would you operate the combination of A320 and 737-600. Maybe replace the 737-600 with A318? To be fair, there are a lot more impartant things than this, but it would not be that much of a work either. Since more and more planes are coming, the problem is only going to get bigger. Maybe introduce some new specialized airlines, some that would only operate small, or only large planes. Just make fleets make more sense.


An interesting read. Engine swaps are already doable from a mod perspective. I always think that sometimes, airlines are phasing out their old planes for new ones why they would have things like a 737 and 320 etc.

You’d need to sweat talk to Fredirk on the A320 series too. I am listening though and yes more planes are on their way :slight_smile:

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Hay anyone found the chart? I can clearly remember that there was one.

I don’t think I ever added a chart. I will try to add one now!. You can always use the second page in the spreadsheet, although it’s more a table

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Ok, so I modified the current airline fleets and added some, in my opinion necessary new aircraft. This is just my opinion on how they should look like. It may change after some more new planes are added, we know that they will come for sure. I also have not specified which airlines use what engine variants and wingtip variants.

(sheet proudly stolen from Guusje)


This got added to the Feature voting, but since the stuff I had talked about here got actually confirmed for the game, there is no reason to vote for this. This was never meant to be in the feature voting category. I know it sounds strange, but please do not vote for this. Rather save your vote for something else.
EDIT: I changed the category of this topic to “Aviation Talk”, but it is still meant to be a suggestion, just not one for voting.