Airline fleet modding updates in 1.0-14


Modding will have two updates in update 1.0-14.

First a "isSpecial":true variable that can be added to liveryData.json indicating that a livery is rare and should not spawn as frequently as the standard livery, current ratio is 33% (might be adjusted later on). This is only applicable if the airline has a multiple liveries of the same aircraft type.

Secondly a "fleetCount":[] variable can be added to the mod.json file for each airline. This array of ints must be exact same length as the fleet type array otherwise it will default to 1 for each aircraft type. This will make aircraft types with a higher count spawn more frequently. Below airline has one A319, two A320 etc. Note that indexes must match!


Just so you know, existing mods will not be affected so this is completely optional.

Let me know if any questions :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, thank you :heart:


Woooow this sounds awesome thank you Fredrik! :smiley:

And now the last thing this community needs is country and/or departure airport based airlines possibility :wink:


I agree

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Are you sure @Fredrik

Trustworth sources say that this is NOT an April 1st joke so you can get relaxed :wink:


I still hope it’s not :wink:

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If somehow this topic gets lost tomorrow I can’t foresee the chaos that is going to happen so for the sake of this community let’s hope :slight_smile:

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A surprise, but a welcome one to be sure!

Just a quick question: with regards to fleetCount, is it a ratio or a cap? As in, if there is only one aircraft type (say, a Cessna 206) and fleetCount is set at 1, does it mean it’ll always spawn flight requests for Cessna 206s, or does it mean we can only have 1 Cessna 206 flight planned / offered to us?

my question is how are you guys so awesome! :heart: :clap:

It is a ratio between the aircraft types. So if you have two aircraft types with 1 and 10 fleet count it will spawn the second aircraft type 10 times more often than the first. I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s interesting. Thanks.

I guess we should have waited a day before releasing this update… :laughing:


Yes i hope so

Seems there is a bug with the mod option “isSpecial”:true,
Reported as: MERCURY-45806

If you have a mod where every single plane is a special livery, there is a chance that the game selects a livery of a different contract.
Is it possible that the game sometimes wants to find a “default”-livery without this special-tag @Fredrik ?


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