Aircrafts have maximum range but what about minimal operation range limit?

So what I am worrying about is that for example you have your airport as Newark Liberty Int. Airport and one of game’s airline have a BAE jet from John F Kenedy airport to your airport. Both airport is literally on same city (NYC)

It seems unrealistic. In future when ACEO have 747, 777 or A380 with same scenario, it would look more unrealistic.

So is it possible to add minimal range as like maximum range.

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Yes, this is already taken into account when calculating routes.


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Hang on. How game engine tooks it into account? By knowing which city has which airport from a long list? Or literally measuring custom made/IRL airport’s distance with opposite airports?

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By calculating the distance between the player’s airport and a potential airport. The distance is then taken into account partly when it comes to the aircraft type’s range but also an, as you said, variable that defines the lowest possible range.



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I hope this also takes aircraft fuel level at landing into consideration.
I.e. longer route consumes more fuel, hence airplane fuel level is lower at landing.

Airlines don’t always fill up completely on fuel because it makes them really heavy. Therefore a short distance flight could very well end up with less fuel at the end of it’s flight as it doesn’t have to carry as much in reserve.

Works both ways then. Fuel level incoming should have some link to the distance travelled on the incoming leg. Fuel level to which it should be filled determined by the outgoing leg.
Just meant to say in my first point that a plane should not come in from a 2000km/mile trip and still have like 90% fuel on board.
How low it is would depend on the type of aircraft and an approximation of the fuel that it started the flight with as @Bigbigcheese pointed out

So a random function between 0 and 100 - (range * fuel usage)

Maybe not 0, still gonna have a couple of hundred kilos of reserve fuel.

Or you do keep it 0, and the computer recognizes that as an emergency and lands it out of order, screwing up your schedule? :smiley:

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THAT is would be a nice addition! :smiley:

What about airlines loading more fuel than needed if the fuel price differs a lot? Could be an interesting factor, too high fuel prices and the airlines will use less of your fuel

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I still don’t understand how game will choose which aircraft to be used in close-range flights. For example from UK to France.

I think the game just chooses from all aircraft it knows. Not sure though. But our Discourse idea would be nice to add: Having a dataset where each aircraft also has a minimum range

Olof said such a code is already exist so even that code doesn’t work as “minimal range limit” I am sure there is a way to implement it. I saw amazing things by both of them so I feel safe :wink:

I wonder how it can be solved. I can’t even think a base logic that can be implemented to coding.

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