Hi guys ! It was waiting for so long for an airport builder time of game to come out, I saw your game and I had some ideas to improve your game.
-more aircraft ( 787,747,767,a380,a340,a320 and a330)
-gates with 2 gate ways for bigger airplane or gates with 3 gate ways for A380
-the possibility to have curved roads and taxiways for aircrafts
-why not to have some helicopters
-some transports for the passengers (bus,metro,train,taxi)
I hope you like my ideas and maybe will use my ideas for improving the game.


Those are all great ideas. Now if you go read the other posts on this forum you’ll see that most of your ideas have already been offered and answered by the devs.
I think the only original idea is the multiple jetways, which i must amit is a nice detail


Almost all of these HAVE in fact been answered. Other planes and such are in the works, such as the 737-600, which you can find on the forum!

Curves are avoided at the moment, as the devs responded to ME when I happened to ask about them. However, there is talk of 45 degree angles, which could assist with a more curvy appearance, in a way.

Transportation was definitely covered by the devs, them noting that taxis and car dropoffs will happen, access metros will possibly be added to help with terminal service, if I remember correctly.

I’m glad to see another interested CEO though, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :smiley:

The curves were only for taxiways :slight_smile:

I’m aware, I’m simply stating. You don’t gotta nitpick at all my posts, LOL

Honestly though, there’s no “curvy appearance”, but angles would be a pleasing aesthetic!

No nitpicking intended :slight_smile:


Its a very good idea to have your airport connected with bus + metro + train + taxi…

These have been covered in other topics, please use the search function to find the right topic for your comment

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