Aircraft Types and Sizes?

Would Their Be Planes For General Aviation

  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 152
  • Sweargain MetroLiner
  • LearJet
    And More
    so there can Be Hangers, Smaller taxiways, And Smaller Runways

There is at least a grand caravan. More will come for sure and they should be trivial to add in the future by third parties.

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There could also be building for aero clubs, aviation schools etc

The list of planes they currently have implemented (from here)

  1. Cessna 208 Caravan
  2. DHC 6 Twin Otter
  3. ATR 72
  4. CRJ 700
  5. 737-600 (link to aircraft creation in ACEO)

I guess the only general aviation plane that is currently implemented is the Cessna 208 Caravan.

By the looks of it GA isn’t currently a thing, though it would be interesting to be able to build a GA section of the airfield and have a reporting point and stuff.

Being able to hire out hangers to aeroclubs and schools would be cool. Small aircraft doing practice touch-and-gos on the runway taking up space which as you grow you can slowly phase out because it’s not revenue efficient.

Maybe occasionally some idiot in his 757-200 will turn up unscheduled to park on your GA stands and you have to tell him that his plane would crush the apron. (GA refers to the type of flight, not the type of aircraft flown)


lol. I wonder who you might be mentioning…:wink:

Hmmm, where does it say that they have modelled the Twin Otter?

There are pictures of it, or something that looks incredibly similar in previous devlogs iirc.

Yes, the Twin Otter is in the game. Check out the screen in the media section: (The red plane)

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Just make the Airplane Models like the planes are in Reality->DIFFERENT,so a British Aerospace Plane doesnt has the same model like a Boeing

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