Aircraft & Runway Lengths

I think it would be nice to change the 757 to needing a slightly longer runway than currently. Been wanting to do an airport that would handle 737/A320 and smaller, but their runway requirements are the same as the 757. Therefore, 757s will be thrown in the mix, and I do not have the patience to schedule my own flights LOL. Seems a little more realistic too to have a longer runway requirement for that aircraft in comparison.


Well, to be honest. Bigger plane don’t always means bigger time to takeoff. 757 have more powerful engines than 737/A320 so it makes it to takeoff in a shorter lenght than expected. In a realistic way, depends a lot of the load and version of the plane, but taking reference of a B737-800, it can take off full loaded in around 6500-7000 ft, as a 757-200 in full load can do it in 6800 ft.


737-800 = 6,791 ft (2,070 m)
737-600 = 5,610 ft (1,710 m)
A320-200 = 6,467 ft (1,971 m)
A319-100 = 5,167 ft (1,575 m)


B757-200 = 5,610 ft (1,710 m)

Source: Aircraft Runway Requirements - Air Cyber Alliance

I gotta say I am suprised. I also taught that 757 would need longer runway than A320 or 737.

Maybe before that AirportCEO needs realistic runway lenghts. Currently you can operate all these commercial jets with 800 meters runway and game map only allows 1500 meters of runway from 1 end of map to another.


+1 on the runway length! When you go further down the list on the linked page and we have a look at the bigger birds we hit the 2500 m to 3000 m range:

Boeing 787-9 8,326 ft (2,538 m)
Airbus 380-800 8,770 ft (2,674 m)
Boeing 777-300 8,858 ft (2,701 m)
Boeing 747-400 9,743 ft (2,971 m)

For the cargo’s it will be even above the 3000 m!
Antonov An-225 10,334 ft (3,151 m)
Boeing 747 LCF 10,039 ft (3,061 m)

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They should extend the world map to get a very long runway ( 3500 Meters ) please devs xD

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But then it would take 2 hours ingame for an airplane to land at 3500m :stuck_out_tongue:


True, hence another reason to change the in game time… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :relaxed: (I know changing the in game time has a huge impact on the game core, but always good to have multiple reasons :wink: )


If you do that with runways, mean airport will have a “real” size not scaled ones, that means, the game time should be 1:1. Or what’s the same, they should be in real time. It is not bad at all to do that, but then, speed options should be higher (maybe 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 and 1:10 as speed options).

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You don’t need necessarily 1:1 as a time scale … it depends from the speed scale of the aircrafts (cars, passangers,… too. But it should be slower for sure, as faster aircrafts may look strange.

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Game time has been discussed in many topics. Even I suggested it in Feature Voting. The thing that is worrying me is that after every new feature, it will be harder and harder to change in game time speed because many new things will be related with in game time.

About the scale, when modding becomes a “real” thing and people mod vehicles, airplanes, objects and so on; I am quite sure someone will mod things according to scale. Look at big simulation or city building games like Cities Skyline or OpenTTD, there is always a huge modding communities that change everything in the game.


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