Aircraft Handbook

With large aircrafts coming up soon together with more turn-around services, I thought that it would be useful to have some sort of aircraft handbook. This handbook would be easy to open (a shortcut like the flight planner) and could contain all available aircrafts in the game, together with some information for each one:

  • Minimum runway length
  • General or Commercial Aviation
  • Passenger capacity
  • Stand size
  • Belt loader needed
  • Stairs/Jetway needed
  • Pushback tug needed
  • Which airlines operate this aircraft

Especially the runway length would be interesting. I can imagine a lot of CEOs are currently in the dark about which size of runway they need. Also making the runway larger than the current required size for medium aircrafts doesn’t have any advantages. With a handbook, aircrafts could all get different size requirements which would make the runway length a more interesting factor.

Not everyone who plays this game is an aviation enthousiast, so not everyone knows whether an aircraft needs a small or medium stands, needs stairs and a belt loader, … This could also be solved by this handbook.

The handbook would help people who don’t know everything about airplanes, but also adds an extra focus and dimensionality on the aircrafts in the game.

Let me know what you think of the idea!


Would be nice to have an AOM, Airport Operational Manual :slight_smile:


Could be part of something bigger like that indeed! :smiley:

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Would be nice to have an AOM, Airport Operational Manual :slight_smile:

“Make it up as you go, and figure out it when you get there”… that’s my AOM… May not be currently operational…

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  • seat configuration per airline for different aircrafts. for example Air Canada 787. 251 PAX in three classes. say 20 first, 51 business and 180 Economy.

Why? When/if lounges and priority lines (checkin, security, boarding) is implemented. Its good//essential to know how many potential 1st/bussines class travelers we will have at our airport.

think its a really great ide you got!


I have some pieces of paper with aircraft parking space sizes, runway length, etc.

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