Aircraft Cleaning Service efficiency

I’ve begun noodling around with turnaround services, starting with cleaning trucks. What I’m noticing is that the trucks won’t unload at the depot until they’re 100% full. This leads to trucks showing up to a stand already near capacity, start the service, then have to leave for the trash depot. It would be useful to have a threshold (player adjustable perhaps?) where once cleaning service is done, if the truck is above a set capacity it will unload at the depot instead of just returning to the garage.

Come to think of it, do fuel trucks exhibit the same behavior in reverse? It might be a nice feature to have a tweakable slider for any service vehicle to refill/unload according to management’s preferences.


Does happen with fuel trucks as well.
Good suggestion

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A refuel or garbage dispose should happen if after servicing capacity is at 10% or less. That is reasonable and more intuitive.

You are correct, it currently taps out at around 100 percent and it should happen earlier as I agree. If it’s full to the point where it cannot complete a large aircraft cleaning it should empty its content. I know there are some cases with fueling in Alpha 32 that are a bit unbalanced, including this bug, but both are something we’re working on now in relation to supporting multiple vehicles on the stands.


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