Aircraft cleaning issues

Hi! I am having problems with aircraft cleaning delays (and therefore boarding delays and departure delays), and was hoping for some advice.

So I’ve currently got approximately 1 cleaning truck per gate, and 2 extra trucks per terminal (each terminal has 6 gates). They’re assigned to vehicle depots rather than individual gates.

However, there are spells when a semi-full truck will be assigned to clean a plane, and then become full before the plane is cleaned. Instead of sending one of the idling cleaning trucks to pick up the rest, I instead have to wait for the full truck to get to the waste depot, empty out the load, and then return back to the gate to finish the job! It hasn’t resolved despite me adding more trucks, and it would appear that a shortage of trucks isn’t the issue. Any ideas? Thanks!


This sounds like a bug. Make sure to file a report via in game bug report system. Developers’ plan is fixing all kinds of bugs during beta stage.

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seems to be some kinda of issue as said with prioritising empty/available vehicles rather than those already busy :slight_smile: hopefully can be tweaked in future after a bug report

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