Aircraft Cannot Land


I’ve created two airports and after some hours of playing, when the airport becomes too big, the airplanes stop landing.

I don’t have any issues with the runways, all is working as it should, but I start getting notifications saying aircraft cannot land since stand ## is still occupied (but actually is empty). I tried canceling all the flights in the scheduler, closing the airport, closing the stands, but nothing works. It’s very frustrating because it happens when you’ve done so much work to your airport and it starts to become nice and big.

The only way to get airplanes again landing is to close and reopen the game, but after 5-10 minutes then the problem starts again.

Please correct this or if you have any suggestion on how could I solve it I will appreciate it. I tried with the F10 menu but there’s no button for resetting the flight schedule or resetting the airplanes in flight.

Thank you

Juan Ponce

Hi @juanponce and welcome to the forum. We are here to try and help. What you could check is if your runway needs to be repaired. Click on the runway and check the condition, in the side menu you can find the repair option.

Welcome Juan. :wave:
Stands also need to be repaired from time to time.
Just in case that this solves the problem, there is also a certain executive that can be hired, the COO. With a COO you get the auto-repair-structures function and will never have to bother with maintenance again.

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