Aircraft assembly facilities?

This is probably a very unimportant idea but one I would like to eventually see come to life. I would love to see some aircraft assembly facilities, like Boeing’s Seattle (PAE, BFI, RNT) and North Charleston facilities and Airbus’ Toulouse and Hamburg facilities, some of these facilities are also used as functional commercial airports.

I think it would be an interesting dynamic to see different aircraft in different liveries - maybe randomly chosen modded liveries from the steam workshop (not sure if thats possible) - passing through my airport while I manage other things.

Here is how I think it could/should work

Modular Buildings

  • Different types of buildings - (assembly, paint, engine test grounds, etc.)
  • Various sizes based on the size of aircraft under construction
  • Expandable buildings based on the master contract’s demands


  • Staff and vehicle access close to facilities
  • Buildings in enclosed area
  • Add planned test flights to flight schedule (susceptible to delays)

Construction Process

  1. Parts come into the airports in trucks (or trains or aircraft like the Airbus Beluga or Boeing Dreamlifter)
  2. Time passes as it is being assembled
  3. Rolls out of assembly in plain (unpainted) livery
  4. Goes to remote stand
  5. Ground tests
  6. Enters paint shop
  7. Leaves paint shop
  8. Test flights
  9. Leaves for delivery
  10. Cycle starts again

Though I think a feature like this is strongly unlikely to be in the game (at least for a long time), it might be possible with modding when its capabilities increase in the future.


I rather like this idea myself. Aircraft will often go through with repairs and maintenance checks. The easy way to implement this would be to have a repair bay and then have the a menu for the building where we need to keep certain parts in stock in case of a part breakdown or a part failing to pass the maintenance checks.

So in short

  • Repair bay building
  • Part importation/delivery
  • Then obviously fixing the aircraft with selected parts

This repair bay could operate in a similar fashion to the fuel service buildings if the developers wanted to keep it basic. Overall great idea but i would rather see aircraft repairs then making parts or building aircraft as i feel aircraft repairs fits the theme of the game a bit more.


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