Aircraft arriving to or from other ACEO user airports / steam friends airports

Thanks to @twocflyer for dragging me from another aviation based simulator to the ACEO world. Loving the sim and cant wait to see where things go! have been blown away thus far in just a short amount of time!

Idea: Aircraft arriving to or from airport are from other user airports

Something that I have loved about many of the prior sims I’ve been engaged with are the ability to have connectivity between users. Outside of a slack that I’m in with other ACEO users that are a part of that other sim, there isn’t the connectivity.

It would be great if there was an ability to have partnerships or contracts that are with another user or a friend on steam to where I would have an airline fly to or from their airport and vise versa.

Could help in future tasks in integrating others into the platform, and make it interesting to see different custom aircraft that may be from that user that could arrive specially for you.

As we get an airport going, the feature would allow it to have that airport be the users primary location and then they would see flights scheduled from other users primary location.

Getting more advance, that it only links with more active users or users that are online such as special flights.


Not a bad idea actually

That… would be awesome.

In theory it is a great idea.

The technical issues though are not at all palatable. It would require a sever infrastructure not conceived of yet alone capable of dealing with all of the abandoned saves.

IMHO In theory yes, would be awesome, I see way too many technical issues right now.

what if you sigh contracts with other users and airports only get plains when that save is running?

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or, you could send other users “gifts” in the form of these plains and will replace one of your current flights

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