Airline Name: AirCologne

Airline Description: Founded in 1978, AirCologne was originally a Charter Company based on Köln/Bonn Airport, Germany. In the 90`s the airline expanded fastly by buying competitors with financial problems. In this period they also started regular service for low cost fares.
In the past few years also AirCologne started to struggle with their finances and it is not sure for how long they can keep their planes in the air.

Airline CEO Name: Alexander Jofthor

Airline Design Image:

Outdated Versions:


The first one I like the most,more calm without the logo,only the text. Maybe with a smaller logo it would be better. But I like the colours.

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I like this new design quite a lot but the Logo on the plane just look like a space invader (on the 2nd design)!

I agree with the others, 1st is better.

Love the use of the city cathedral in the logo!

Really like this design! Prefer the first one though

Yes, yes, YES! Awesome idea - I see what you did there :wink: - and love the city you’ve chosen for it.
Prefer the first version with no logo on the fuselage as well.

Thanks for the feedback. I just made some very little changes to the 1st version for the deadline tomorrow (personally still not sure about the fin colour)

@Strobel09 nice to see that you like the “reference” :wink: