Air Shuttle Bus Stops

I think it would be nice to have stops that have an inbound slot and an outbound slot. Currently I am running into where the bus for the departing passengers arrives in the stop before the bus with the arrivals passengers. So it is holding up the bus with the arrivals. I thought it could function like the baggage bay - one side for departures, one side for arrivals.


Or you can mark the buss stops (yes all buss stops) “Arrivals and departures” “Arrivals only” or “Departures only” goes for shuttle buss and airside shuttle bus

EDIT: I mean we should add the possibility for it.


In case if you use only one bus stop per stand, it would already help if the bus for departures waits for the bus with arrivals to finish.

I already thought about sending a bug report, but then i recognized my aircrafts are delayed, so the boarding already opened with the bus waiting, when de one for unloading arrives. So still need to verify for aircrafts being on time.

Also I support the idea for separating bus stops for arrives and departues as separate buildings. So you can have departues near the bording desks and arrivals near the exit. Also arrivals can be used for more stands than departures, as unloading is faster than loading.


I agree. We totally need two differents stops for Airside Shuttle Bus!!!

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I would love to see a bus lane!!! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

There instead of rows of individual eyes bus stops we can have a whole lane for the buses to pull into, like this except for buses.

This is coming in Alpha 35. Ability to place a “drop-off” only stop for air side shuttle buses.

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