Air Berlin Bancrupt!

Air Berlin, Germany’s second largest airline with a fleet of 121 has just filled for insolvency! Very surprising!

Not sure if I saw that coming…

I knew it had financial troubles, but I thought it was merging with Austria’s NIKI.
Or something to do with TUI or Etihad.

EDIT: Forget what I said here. Some research helped a lot!

Amy people willing to step up and start an airline in its place???
Or, at least, a low cost German carrier, since Lufthansa most likely will merge it with Eurowings if it acquires the carrier…

The German government are stepping in, thought that was against EU law…

That… wasn’t at all surprising. Even Etihad can by law put only so much money into airberlin and they (EY) showed already signs in April when they put another quarter billion € into AB that it might be the last time.

AB has been taken apart by several moronic CEOs which sadly even have a high status in the economy and they money-saved themselves dead in the end. Simple as that. Calling them and talking to some East European callcenter with people barely speaking German (or English) nor understanding what the rulings in their very own company are but pretending they do know… way to go. Just the most outside shell of how bad this airline was being handled. :slight_smile:

Poor LTU.

Germany needs a second major carrier but airberlin clearly failed to see that… :roll_eyes:

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I have a flight coming up with Air Berlin in September, although I have not received any communication I’m fairly confident that they will not cease operations any time soon.

Lufthansa is probably interested in integrating them in their EuroWings operation.

Alitalia and Airberlin, oh man i just bought an a330 model with the Airberlin livery!

Ryanair want to buy Alitalia, easyJet want to buy Air Berlin! Good for the UK aviation industry this :joy:

Hold onto it, might be worth a few bob in a couple of years.