After playing, building, managing... My list of suggestions

Well… I come from other games like Airport Tycoon, SimAirport and other kind of management games. What this one have different? The micromanaging recreates much better the reality. And I love it, but…

My suggestions are based on the real life, at least, in Barcelona Airport.


  • First of all I noticed, you have a contractor (good)… But you have to hire security guards, janitors, ramp agents… Why you do not do under contracts? In airports they do not hire the personal, all are contractos (maybe excluding technicians and airport staff).

  • One thing I really got scared was 4 hours for planes to handle them… Well, usually A320 or B737 requires from 0:45 (fast ones) and 1:30 (slowly) so I think 1:30 for land, handle and depart should be enough for those planes. Also I seen this will cause a problem, and the problem actually for all of this, delays, etc are… The time lapses too fast. Yes, actually 1 minute in-game is 1 second in real life at normal speed. But this is too much, one ramp agent requires 30-40 minutes (in game) to cross the terminal from one side to another and handle the plane. This should be done in 10 minutes, that means the time should be reduced in a ratio 1/3. So, each minute should be 3-5 seconds.

  • Relating operations, another good think should be more variety on the airlines and the manage of services. For example, if a plane arrives at night, most of them can sleep on the stand to leave at morning. Special services with additional security as a security addition. (Like Israel Airlines for example).

  • Airlines hosted on the airport. Airlines who do regular flights, not eventuals. That means, you sign a contract with them FOR LIFE. And from time to time they will change requisites of the plane (some times de-icing, other times fuel, cleaning, etc).

  • VIP zones, well, everyone knows what is this. Another option, smoking zones.

  • More variety of items (desks, panels, displays, screens, etc), in resume, more furniture.

  • Change the contracts of food and shops for timed in long profit instead of filling the profit. For example, stay in the airport for 1 year, 2 years and have objectives of profit in that time. A lot of times I seen my shop or food empty because they filled the amount and didn’t noticed.
    Stand-by stands, just as it, if a stand is occupied by another plane, go to an assigned as stand-by stand (this work is usually made by remote stands).Another improvement, asign another stand at your election. For example if 260 is occupied, send it to 262 as my election).

  • One-way stands. Stands where you arrive from one side and depart going forward, don’t require pushback and similars. They are commonly used for remote stands.

  • CARGO PLANES! Yes, add cargo planes with cargo contractors. They will be managed in same way than passenger ones, but only using cargo, and do not require check-in stands, etc. But it requires a warehouse and all equipment needed for handling the cargo.

  • Corporative planes. Yes, jet planes for corporative travels, new type of planes and specific requisites (for example, only fuel and transport to plane in remote).

  • Different stairs for different planes, well there are different kind of stairs to operate the planes, A B and C. At least, 2 of them should be required for medium planes, and the other for large and jumbos. Also more variety on the equipment (quality, speed, etc) for example low quality belt loader will move the baggage more slow than one with better quality, also it will move more slow.
    Cheap one

  • Add parkings for equipment (EPAs). Where you can place for example dollys or baggage. trailers.

  • Similar to stairs but with other equipment like pushback, baggage tractors… All with different properties and utility.

I also noticed some things are badly managed.

  • When a plane arrives to stand, ramp agents and vehicles move to the stand… WRONG. All those vehicles and ramp agents should be WAITING the plane on the stand. That means, they should start moving when the plane is landing for example.
  • Baggage travels should go much faster. All the time the plane departs late waiting the baggage (no problems with transports or amount of vehicles).
  • Vehicles should be able to cross through multiple checkpoints. For example, you can have one sector with the fuel (outside the airport are they usually) and they have to cross 2 checkpoints. Another thing is, if a vehicle have to go from side to side of the airport, maybe they can go outside, take public road and go inside the airport again from another checkpoint.
  • Baggabe bay, differents for departure and arrivals. Some airport have 2 different conveyors for it, and they are not deployed on the same location. This will make airports more dynamic with multi-floor feature.
  • More information regarding the stand, what vehicles are doing stand operations (and a choice to go to it), etc.

I will update it with more things…


:slight_smile: - how about Fire Safety? firedoors should be a requirement.

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Is one of my future suggestions. Disasters / Emergencies on the airport. But I guess for that will require a long time… Probably we will not see any of this on Alpha / Beta.


Thanks for your ideas! Please also have a look at the feature voting page, where people have similar ideas. Please add new ideas to vote for when they are not there yet. This will all help to improve the game even more.


I think you said some interesting things here.

True! Ramp agents are (almost) ready when the plane arrives on the stand. That’s something I would like to see too.

I also agree with differents Baggage Bay for arrivals and departures but I think this is something not really “needed”. At least, not now.


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