After loading a game no more passengers, staffs, vehicles and flights

my airport before was full of people, airplane etc after loading the game everything and everyone just disappeared… i’m gonna file a bug report; my version is 24.1-1

idk if this has already been discussed and if in the new version on the esperimental branch this bug is fixed

ACEO-3358 bug sent

i hired stuff again and vehicles, fixed some airplanes stuck on the taxiways and then i saved and loaded again the game… same error

This problem was bug reported already, good you send it in again.

First time I hear about repeating dissapearing act though.

Were both load instances from an autosave?

so the problem should be fixed right?

they were both loaded from a save that i’ve made

Not necessarily, it just depends on where the bug falls in their workflow/whether they’ve been able to figure out the problem yet. So sending in your own save helps them out a lot :slight_smile: