Aeropuerto de Cadiz

So here’s my first go at an airport. I’ve been playing Airport CEO since it was release and my airport has grown organically over time to:
8 small gates
20 GA stands
8 large gates

I’ve found having separate GA runways and taxiways great in avoiding delays. I also find having two runways (one for arrivals and one for departures) with entrance/exit taxi ways great as it’s essentially made a one way system for taxiing aircraft which avoids traffic delays on the ground. Creating pushback stands is good for this too.

I’m planning on starting again with a new design to make the airport run more efficiently - it’s a long way to for the passengers/staff to get from the main entrance to the gates/shops etc which delays flights. Also, locating service areas (eg: baggage handling, service trucks, staff rest areas and fuel) centrally might be of benefit.

Any good tips?


I usually made taxiway highways (4 lanes of taxiway in one) You should also try make eveything go into a roundabout where everything just works. Try to make 2, 4, 6… runways for commercial and always have one ga runway. (ga doesnt really need 2 runways, Nobody gives a shit if they are delayed)

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