Aeropuerto Bahia Sur

So I’ve been creating a new airport since the introduction of remote stands. Here is my creation.

It has 12 medium stands and a large GA area with small stands.

All stands are remote. 4 are next to the terminal and passengers walk to the stands, 8 are linked by busses.

Check in is located at one end of the airport with passengers flowing through security and then through shops before reaching the gates.

Baggage reclaim is at the opposite end of the airport, with passengers going straight to the exit from the bus stops.

The one way taxi ways seem to work well.
Aircraft all arrive on the southern runway and pass through a one-way taxi way system on to the stands. All departing aircraft cross to the northern runway. This seems to have saved quite a lot of time delays with arrivals/departures and long taxi times.

The airport is very busy. On the whole aircraft depart promptly. This has taken some experimenting with getting staff numbers right. All vehicles are stored in separate depos (eg: bus deposit by the stands, fuel truck depot next to the fuel stores, ramp agent cars in the depo close to the ramp agent staff rooms). I’ve tried to get the staff room central so there is less walking time for staff.

Edit: removed duplicate image