Aeroflot SSJ100 Bursts into flames during landing

An Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet has burst into flames while trying to land at Moscow airport…

I copied this from a Dutch news site.

MOSCOW - A Sukhoi Superjet-100 from the Russian airline Aeroflot had to make an emergency landing in Moscow and caught fire. According to state press agency Tass, one would have died.

Other media report that at least ten were injured.

The plane, flight SU1492, was on its way to Murmansk with 78 passengers on board, when it returned shortly after departure and made an emergency landing. Immediately after the landing a huge fireball arose.


This is very sad. Hope to all families

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It’s getting even worse. Latest news speaking of 41 dead. What a sad day.

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The footage from inside and outside the cabin is pretty insane. RIP… :frowning:


reminds me of British Airtours 28M… :pensive:
Rest in Peace who were gone

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The fire has been extinguished around 15 mins later.


IDK why but seems similar to Flight 28M
any probable cause?


Well, flight 28M was engine fire, and some media say about the Aeroflot incident that it possibly was lightning strike. Also, they say that a passenger who was grabbing their luggage held up the passengers in the back of the plane. (The part that was on fire!!)


Media said the Sukhoi came down hard, bouncing off the runway and crashing again. It is likely the filled to capacity fuel tanks were torn open. That is what a news report suggested.

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37 survived | 41 deaths

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On Sunday, May 5, at the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport shortly after the takeoff, the “Sukhoi Superjet 100”, which had traveled on the Moscow - Murmansk flight, sent an emergency signal and was forced to make an emergency landing during which the aircraft ignited. Several flights at the airport were canceled, but for the reasons of the hustle and bustle, many airport visitors learned only from the social networks, “Delfi” tells Zane, who was waiting for a flight to Riga at the airport. Zane and her fellow Daiga flew from Tel Aviv to Riga; .

“We sit at Moscow airport and realize that we will not drive anywhere at 23 o’clock. The flight will be delayed by two hours and 20 minutes. At the moment,” Daiga wrote on Facebook on Sunday.

As you can see from the comments at the record, both ladies on a burning plane, which stopped several trips and stood up at the airport, only learned after Facebook. Daiga reveals that nothing was explained at the airport about the speakers. “When we arrived from Tel Aviv, the stewardess said there was another terminal. Yes, the fact that something happened at the airport, I learned only on Facebook,” confirms Daiga.

"The ongoing airport was not even known to any passenger except those who saw it in the window. These were people at Terminal D who waited for departure. Witnesses were quickly seated on airplanes and their trips departed, then canceled and delayed. Riga departed around two in the night, scheduled at 20:40, and when we got up, we could see a burned airplane around the people, “Daiga said.” We didn’t see the burning airplane, but we landed at the airport shortly before the plane landing. was not cozy because we learned only from Facebook friends about something that happened. We received a message from airBaltic that the flight will be delayed. Later, when we published the information on Facebook, a few friends wrote that they had heard about the news “Delphi,” says Zane.

She explains that the airport was followed by a notice of displaced and canceled flights, but the reasons for this were not explained. Airport staff apologized for the inconvenience.

“Walking through the airport corridors, the scene could be seen very well because it was the closest runway to the airport. Everywhere there were firefighters and ambulances, they had encircled the burning aircraft. There was misinformation in general. Some people were sitting at the windows watching.” that there were some people who didn’t even notice it, "says Zane.

Employees asking what happened and why the flight was delayed, the answers, as Zane explains, have been heaps.

"As the airport employee told us, the airport was closed for all incoming and outgoing flights, the planes were directed to other Moscow airports. The scheduled departure time for our flight to Riga was at 20.40, but in reality only around 24 hours we were boarded. we waited for hours to get up, "Zane remembers.

She also discovered that it was possible to watch live television from the scene at the airport, including video footage from the accident. “We realized that there were chips in the airplane at the moment of take-off, so the pilots made an emergency landing. As I realized, the airplane ignited when it landed. The video seemed to have missed the chassis and just hit the asphalt,” says Zane.

“It is interesting that the Latvian media initially reported one death, while in Russian media this number was already 13. Now I realize that the number of deaths is even higher,” she says.

“When we flew away, we were able to see the aircraft on the plane and all the hustle and bustle around it. It must be admitted that, overall, the unpleasant feelings are there at the moment,” says Zane.

We have already reported that on Sunday, May 5, at the Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport shortly after the take-off, the plane “Sukhoi Superjet 100”, which had gone on a trip to Moscow - Murmansk, sent an emergency signal and was forced to make an emergency landing during which the aircraft ignited, “the agency said.” Interfax, referring to a source in airport services.

On Monday, May 6, the BBC reported that 41 people were killed in the accident. There are also two children among the dead and a stewardess on the aircraft, Russian media reports.

The BBC explains that 37 people - 33 passengers and four flight crew members survived the accident. Five people are in medical care.

-Latvian news- Lidmašīnas ugunsgrēks Maskavā: aculiecinieces dalās ar Šeremetjevas lidostā novēroto - DELFI
Translated with google translate.

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Now there is all the data about this disaster. From takeoff to a court ruling against those responsible. If interested, I can write everything. There is something to think about.

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