Advanced GA Operations

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Advanced GA Operations


GA should have more roles than landing, fueling and taking off. Their pilot or passengers should board,deboard. There has to be a pilot’s lounge in terminal, there has to be more actions for GA airplanes

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Increase realism

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I think this is a really good idea. The passengers should get into some special GA terminal you can for example build a restaurant in as an additional service. They should also be able to get into a bus or subway and return at a later time.

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  • Maintenance hangar,
    -long time parking,
  • flightschool
  • limo service for vips

This could also include a flying school.

See the Tenant Operations feature request. All of this should be possible then

And another nice feature from dusty corner of forum :smiley:

Indeed. Already voted for it in 2018 though. Hope it will have more votes this time !

Another 2 year ago

Hello @kiwikiller41 yes indeed, i am updating discussions on topics that had the mosts votes 2 years ago. That’s why.

Better doing this to close / continue discussion than to open new topics about the same thing

Doing this will also allow people to recover their votes casted two years ago when relevant.

People can also go into feature voting and click ‘Votes’ on the top, so you can see the topics sorted ascended based on votes :wink:

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