Adjusting the Number of Flights in a Contract

Haven’t been active for a while but I have been brought back to ACEO from the more recent additions to the game. Looks great. Couple of things that I still keep focusing in on:

  1. Keeping the right airplanes at the right gates so that I can have specific wings for certain airlines
  2. Getting realistic flight routes from my airport.(For example, from my small regional airport, my jets should no be going to another small regional airport, they should be going to a large airport for a connecting flight)

I have solved for #1, and am closing in on #2:

For adjusting the number of flights you will need to go into your GameData.json file which is located in Users/You/AppData/Romaing/Apoapsis Studios/Airport Ceo/Saves

When you open up the GameData.json file hit “Control+F” and type in “NumberOfFlights”

After you find a flight from the data below change the number from either a 2,3,4,5, or 6 to a much higher number. I used 35.

For #2… it seems that airports are generated and are assigned a number… Not sure if it is random or if there is a list that it is taken them from:

From Airport

Airport 1 is of course, your airport, and the other number is whatever airport the flight is flying to. If I could find the specific numbers for airport hubs like Minneapolis-STP, Dallas, LAX, Newark, Atlanta, etc… I could replace that number with one of those hubs and we’d be set.

Anyhow… as always, be careful when altering your game save .json files… I’d test it out in a test airport before you use this on your big airport you’ve spent awhile making.

I jumped the gun.

I got the contract to show up in game with 35 flights, however, after the first flight the contract disappears; likely because of a scheduling conflict with itself after 6 days. Shoot.

About #2: it will be in Alpha 34, this update is just around the corner
I’m not sure that I understand what you mean… if you want to schedule only one specific airline to operate on the same gate/stand always you need to schedule it manually, autoscheduler cannot do that. And I don’t know what so you mean with this “numberofflights”. You’ll get offered more flights from airline when airline is satisfied

I think it’s 35 flights in a row (one flight a day for 35 days). Is that what you mean

What kiwi said.

Basically extending the recurring contract to a larger amount so I don’t have to schedule as many flights.

The auto-scheduler tool— althought nice — doesn’t work great for those who like to tie specific gates to certain airlines.

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The number of flights value is only for it’s display in the flight planner. Increasing the number is not done by simply changing a value. Please don’t encourage people to go break their savegames if you’re not even getting the results you were hoping.
And yes, the devs have said to work on more realistic routes. There is no comment found on when this will come but it is on the trello board already.

You must have missed the part in my original post where I reminded folks to be careful when playing with .json files.

do you have to activate this feature bc im getting flights into manchester from south american and australia from the same airport…

Are you referring to the feature for more realistic routes? if so, it’s in, problems concerning this feature should be bugreported, or discussed in forums (but not in this section, this section is modding).

You can tell the autoplanner to assign only specific airlines to gates. This can be done by going to the gate UI and the clicking on the airline you want on the “Allow all airlines” box, same can be done by going to the flight planner and clicking on the same box.

Yes, now it’s possible. But I posted that comment on 2nd of January and it wasn’t possible that time :slight_smile: