Adjustable text and icons (buttons)

The game is a great base now! That should be said.

Another thing that striked me was that the icons and text (the buttons) etc. are vey small. I played a bit around with the resolution but it does not get better. It is readable…be very hard.

Is it possible to perhaps adjust the size of the text and icons to fit the user? Like in windows?

Which icons do you mean? Could you provide some screens?

My guess he means the Menu Bar buttons, those are very small indeed.

Jasperwillem is correct Olof. It is almost all buttons are a little bit too small to comfortably read.

In the picture underneath, you see that also the important text ecplaining what stuff is what is very small. I can just read it all. If it would be e.g. 1,5 times as big it would help I think…

Or better, that the user can adjust it, like in Windows it is possible.

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