Additional Services for a more comprehensive Airport Management Simulations

A few things I would love to see is an airport simulation extending to the many services no one yet seems to be covering:

  • Various parking garage options / services at different cost level.
  • Airline lounges
  • Car rental companies and parking facilities
  • drop-off lanes (kiss & fly)
  • building levels (ie. 1st level arrival, 2nd departure, 3rd offices/lounges)
  • travel agencies
  • political lobbying re flying times and airport expansion
  • terminal management (connecting terminals, spreading them out, routing certain airlines / passengers)
  • Priority lanes and different travel classes
  • airport hotel
  • cargo facilities / airlines
  • customs and quarantine
  • fire and ambulance services
  • events (incl. natural catastrophes and terrorist attacks)

And of course many other great ideas already mentioned here - eg. In-Airport Services?


All suggested, you can (and should) search the forums for all the various discussions of these ideas

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Good suggestions :slight_smile: as cheese said, you are not the first. Which must mean they are good ideas :smile:

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