Additional fuel tanks


It seems there is a hardcoded limitation to 6 additional tanks with medium Jet-A1 depot. I managed to attach 7 of them, but the 7th, although connected wall-to-wall with the fuel depot is not recognized…

Is this limitation there for a reason or just no one managed to connect 7 so far? :slight_smile:

It’s possible to connect 8 attached fuel tanks, as long as 6 aren’t already built. As long as construction isn’t finished, the limit isn’t checked (yet).

They are also fully working, but the window doesn’t get increased properly, so the last tanks bars are located below the window.

Guess this visual error is the only reason for the limit.

edit: Just wanted to rebuild such an large fuel depot for an screenshot, but the additional tanks haven’t been considered this time. While I don’t remember an entry for a bug fix in an patch log, it looks like this workaround got fixed. :wink:

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Did you check your capacity? For me it shows 240k liters extra for 7 tanks… Also, the 7th tank does not have the “flow” animation…

Looks like they already fixed it, see my edit of my former post. :slight_smile:

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Got it. This is not a perfect fix though, because I can still build the tank wasting the money.

Anyways, there are more important fixes for a time being. :slight_smile:

I’m having a TL;DR moment (partially because I’m at work :joy:) but I’ve always wondered why there is a limit to the fuel tanks in the first place? Why not just add as many as we want, so long as the side with arrow when placing it, is attached to the main slew of tanks to ensure a refuel line.


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