Add Intersecting runways

Feature request title:

Add the ability to build intersecting runways


Crossing airstrips can often be found in the world.
Therefore, for greater realism, it is necessary to add the ability to build take-landing strips with the possibility of crossing them.

Why it should be implemented:

This would be useful if there is little free space on the map.

Yep, I think this would be amazing! I don’t know why they removed it from the game in the first place

Well, it was never officially in the game in the first place, you had to expand a runway into another runway to create the merge effect, and for now, you can edit the files to change the locations of already placed down runways
Edit: I only joined during A30, or whatever update added remote stands, so what do I know about the games early stages

In the pre-Alpha you can actually extend the length of the runway to make intersecting runways

I came in slightly before A32, I do remember that you could somehow intersect runways.

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