"Actually president of the company" achievement

So what triggers the “Actually president of the company” achiev? I have went into the JSON file and changed the “funds” line to be above $100,000,000 …

IE line 386 in my json file reads:

“funds”: 996953948160.0,
Does it have to roll over the hundred million mark while playing?
Do you have to have a positive cash flow? I think this current airport is loosing about 30k an hour LOL

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Shouldn’t you earn the money legitimately?


Hahaha, well given a there are some that don’t, it’s an accurate simulation :rofl:


Obviously we do not provide support on how to cheat achievement unlocks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it’s written wrong and the achievement comes with -100 000 000$ :stuck_out_tongue:

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