Actual weather

Feature request title:
Actual weather

I want the game to have actual weather that affects operations.

  • fog means you need ILS or close down. And more chance for car / aircraft accidents
  • rain means dissatisfied pax for getting wet or build roofing
  • snow means having a conga line to clear the runway. Or close down.
  • severe wind means more chances for accidents
  • visible buildup of snow on the roads
  • Dust storms when your airport is in a desert environment
  • Perhaps the occasional volcanic ash cloud

Why it should be implemented:
It adds more meaningful game mechanics and a challenge for even the smoothest running airport


I like this idea.
For cold weather/snow the game would need de-icing facilities and snow ploughs.


This is very much needed. Weather has so many uses, both gameplay and eye candy wise. It can be tuned with difficulty settings, so on harder difficulties we get more extreme weather that causes accidents more often, it also adds atmosphere. In a game such as this atmosphere is important as you are kind of just sitting there for long periods of time. It just has so many uses, esp in a game like this.

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