Activated mod realistic airline location


since I activated the realistic airline location I receive only few flights in autoplaner for domestic airline. Also I recognize that less domestic locations will shown in my flightplanner.

Currently my airport is located in City: Bogota of Colombia. I receive only flights from some domestic countries. Before the mod I received more cites of the country.

Do anyone have same issue?

Thanks a lot



Technically the game should provide flights equally to the avilable stand types, but it can also depend what type/size of airports you have in your country.

Do we talk about small, medium or large stands?

As for Colombia I assume most airports in the database are set as minor ones, so it’s likely that they not attractive enough for medium or large aircrafts. Or also if they are too close to eachother as planes also have a minimum range programmed. (same for small planes if they are too far away from eachother)

You can start playing around in the Airport database. The file is located at:
\steamapps\common\Airport CEO\Airport CEO_Data\DataFiles\GameData\JSONAirportData.json
Changing the paxsize value can make certain airports to be more important.

Thank you very much. Is there a thread already available for the explanation oft pax and Cargo Numbers ?

It’s independent of the size. Only very few flights will be offer for domestic flights.

That’s because if you installed Tweaks, which I believe you have, if the country you are in does not have many destinations, you will not have as many domestic destinations and will have more international destinations.

Columbia is not that small and it has many airports. And Tweaks may even could help as they give smaller airports a bigger chance to get chosen.

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Okay, then something is currently strange. Since I activated tweaks and install mod a realistic national airline is get almost only international flight in my flight planer. But currently I do not have international stands