I read a little bit, but most of the posts are older.

Is it (also in release version) right, that the achievements don’t work, if I choose the sandbox mode? What happened, if I change the gamedata.json file manually (e.g. set the incidents option)?

Thanks in advance!

That’s correct. Achievements are turned off when playing Sandbox, using F10 options, F9 commands or playing maps from the Steam Workshop.

Try and find out. I think no one ever posted the result so far. :smiley:

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Thanks to your quick response!

Mhmmm. That’s a little bit unlogically. I get achievements if I play in easy mode without incidents but I don’t get achievements if I play in hard mode without or with a little incidents. The last one is harder to play but only with the sand box workable.

Yeah, I will do. But: is there a possibility to reset the achievements by myself? If not, I need a lot of time to reach the next achievement :wink:

No, that’s something only devs can do and I guess only for all players.
Create a new account and buy the game again. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

When using the F10 options only to reset the path finding stats or reset the aircraft paths the achievements won’t turned off.

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OK, I did it :wink:
Apparently it works. I don’t know, if it works by changing sandmode options directly in the file. But starting a new game in extreme mode without marking the sandbox and changing the value for “playerDifficultySetting” from 3 to 1 in the file works. I got an new achievement (the friendly gaelic sounding “Hilma af Klint” achievement :slight_smile: )

Yeah… that confirms my assumption that achievements are controlled by a certain parameter I won’t tell here. :innocent:

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