ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

The chance is high to see them ingame, but not by the devs. :wink:

No, not by the Devs :wink:

:open_mouth: <3 You just blew my mind.
How is it possible to mod that hard? And is it possible to point where the Gate and Catering for example should position? So it’s actually at a door?

Only with the Tweaks Mod from @zekew11 else it would not be possible to shrink or steetch fuselage or move position of the wings… And yes door positions and all thing too… So the big coding work and all the investigation is a big thank you to him…

Actually i am working on the positions of doors and that stuff

But well, here a first small impression of CRJ1000


WOW WHAT THE HELL, that is just awesome :stuck_out_tongue: <3 <3


There is new stuff…

TUI Group with an updated mod and current fleet.

  • TUI Airways from UK
  • TUI Fly Germany
  • TUI Fly Nordic
  • TUI Fly Netherlands
  • TUI Fly Belgium

Czech Airlines with it’s only Airbus A320


CRJ900 on Air Canada Express
When not installed Tweaks Mod, it will appear as CRJ700 length…
the shadow we are investigating why it is loading only vanilla


Any chance to get an updated WestJet Link with the Saab 340?

@twocflyer is taking a break, but when he will be back offcourse he may add the Saab340 :+1:

Iberia Regional (Air Nostrum) with
and the first CRJ1000 (AirportCEO Tweaks recommended, else it appears in CRJ700 length - issue on Shadow and Cateringdoor known)


Also supporting now the [Mod] AirportCEOTweaks 2.1.3: Headwind are

Lufthansa Cityline
Showing the CRJ900 instead of the CRJ700

Air France Hop
Showing the CRJ1000 instead of the CRJ700


Update on Gambia Bird
With Tweaks there is no “no hard corded winglet” anymore


Corporate owned A318 Business Jet

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The A318 is now available livery for Air France. If you do not use Tweaks it’s an additional A319 variant with Wifi Antenna.


Mexicana reseve a big Update:

  • All A319/A320 with improved MDK and Tweakversion Wings without Winglets
  • Improved CRJ200 on MexicanaLink
  • Added Tweaks Plane A318 to Latest Livery and Old Livery
  • Improved B757-200s and Tweakversion Wings without Winglets


Some Updates:

  • Improved CRJ200 Paranair
  • Improved CRJ200 Tyrolean Airways
  • Improved CRJ700 Conviasa Retro
  • TWEAK CRJ900 Ibom Air
  • Add A320 Ibom Air (with tweaked Wing)

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Again some updates:

  • Added TWEAKED CRJ900 to American Eagle
  • Added TWEAKED CRJ900 instead of CRJ700 to Libyan Airlines
  • Improved A320 on Libyan Airlines, with TWEAKS withhout Winglets


The TWEAKED CRJ900 is now also available for SAS.

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