ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

Questions ^^ What more planes are we waiting for to be implemented into ACEO? I would love the Baby Bus (A318)
Also wishing for NextJet. That I know is on the list already. I’ve been learning a little bit how to make airlines. For me the painting and making the logos look good is the hardest part :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as we know, following planes should get into the game. May there are even more we don’t know about yet.

A220100 - Medium
A220300 - Medium
CESSNA205 - GA/Small
CESSNA206 - GA/Small
CESSNA207 - GA/Small
LJ75 - GA/Small
PC12 - GA/Small
PC24 - GA/Small
S2000 - Medium

Nextjet gives a bit of work with all those different liveries. :smiley:


===Vintage Update===

  • Added Ford Trimotor to Avensa
  • Added DC3 to Iberia Retro
  • Added L1049 to Iberia Retro

where is that?

That is the mentioned topic:


Here the link:

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thank you

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The first real Mod that includes both DLC:
Aeroflot Retro Mod with
Lisunov Li-2 (licensed DC3)
B767-300 in 2 Liveries
TU144 in 4 Liveries (3 Prototype/Test and 1 Production Livery)


An improved Condor mod is now available.

Fleet: A320, A321, B757 and B767
Including different livieres.


And for retro fans, a new retro mod is also out (Vintage DLC required)
Fleet: B707, B767, B747 and MD11



===Alitalia Update===

  • Changed to Retro
  • Split Contract in Last Livery/Fleet and Old Livery/Fleet (incl. DC3 → DLC)
  • Added SLs
  • Add Alitalia Cityliner Contract
  • Add Alitalia Express Contract

==Alitalia Last Livery (2015 - 2021)===

  • Improved A320s
  • Re-Add B777-300ER
  • Add A320 Special Livery Employee Signatures
  • Add A330-200 Special Livery Skyteam
  • Add B777-200LR Special Livery Skyteam

==Alitalia Cityliner==

  • Add E175
  • Add E190
  • Add E190 Special Livery Skyteam

==Alitalia Express==

  • Add ATR42
  • Add ATR72
  • Add BAE146
  • Add E170

== Alitalia Old Liveries and Fleet==

  • Add A319 1969 - 2010 Livery
  • Add A319 2010 - 2015 Livery
  • Add A320 1969 - 2010 Livery
  • Add A320 2010 - 2015 Livery
  • Add A320 Special Livery Calabria
  • Add A321 1969 - 2010 Livery
  • Add A321 2010 - 2015 Livery
  • Add A321 Special Livery Retro (in Livery from 1946-1969)
  • Add A330-200 2010-2015 Livery
  • Add ATR72 2010-2015 Livery
  • Add B747-400 (instead of 200) 1969 -2010 Livery
  • Add B747-400 Special Livery Baci
  • Add B747-400 Special Livery Bulgari
  • Add B767-300 2010-2015 Livery
  • Add B767-300 1696-2010 Livery
  • Add B767-300 Special Livery Skyteam
  • Add B777-200 2010-2015 Livery
  • Add B777-200 1969-2010 Livery
  • Add DC3 1946-1969 Livery
  • Add MD11 1969 - 2010 Livery
  • Add MD80 1969 - 2010 Livery
  • Add MD80 2010 - 2015 Livery

Following Screenshots are examples of each livery including SL - visit Steam Steam Workshop::Alitalia Group (Historical) for all Screenshots


Real Tonga Airlines, a private-owned airline from Tonga that got ceased 2020 with Saab340…
they need to move all their planes and the staff to the new goverment-owned airline Lulutai Airlines…

Hello guys, after a long brake (about 2 years), i’m back to modding. I was Phil 225 (I lost the old account anyway), and I’ve helped on ACEOMM project. So, i’ve looking for some brazillian airlines mods on the Steam community, and them are not so good and/or are obsolete. As well some airlines are missing, so, I want to try to help to make them.

I’ve created a list of to do repaints. I think I have a lot of work, the game have a lot of new aircrafts and the mods are more flexible than the ACEOMM on use of aircrafts (for example the C208 in game is a standard model and ACEOMM didn’t accept an Grand Caravan repaint on it). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Cessna 208 Purple / gray
Cessna 208 Purple / blue

=Cia Vale do Rio Doce (Corporate airline)=

Embraer 190

=Imetame (Corporate airline)=


=Omni Taxi Aereo=



Boeing 737-700 Default Colors
Boeing 737-700 Neutral carbon sticker

Boeing 737-800 Default Colors
Boeing 737-800 Old Gol+ Colors
Boeing 737-800 CBF
Boeing 737-800 Old Gol+ CBF Sticker
Boeing 737-800 Canarinho Azul
Boeing 737-800 TV a bordo


Cessna 208 Default colors
Cessna 208 Bemol


Cessna 208

=Manaus Aerotaxi=

Cessna 208


Embraer 195 Default colors
Embraer 195 Flag BR
Embraer 195 Green Colors
Embraer 195 Azul Viagens
Embraer 195 Verão Azul
Embraer 195 SKY live TV
Embraer 195E2 Pink Colors
Embraer 195E2 Colorfull Coral Tintas
Embraer 195E2 Sou Azul (full blue)

ATR72 Default colors
ATR72 Trip Heritage
ATR72 Pink Colors
ATR72 Embratur Logo

Airbus 320N Default colors
Airbus 320N Mickey Colors
Airbus 320N Pink Colors
Airbus 320N Trip Advisor logo
Airbus 320N Embratur Logo
Airbus 320N Azul Itaucard

Airbus 321N Default colors
Airbus 321N Minnie Colors
Airbus 321N Flag BR

Airbus 330 Flag BR
Airbus 330 Tudo Azul
Airbus 330 Azul Viagens
Airbus 330N Default colors
Airbus 330N Pink Colors

Azul Conecta Fleet

Cessna 208 Default Colors
Cessna 208 Hybrid Two Flex
Cessna 208 Pink
Cessna 208 Flag BR

Azul Cargo

Cessna 208
Boeing 737-400 Default

=Quality Entregas (Cargo Airline)=

Cessna 208

=Total Linhas Aéreas (Cargo Airline)=

Boeing 737-400


ATR 42
ATR 72

=Dux Express (Cargo Airline)=

Cessna 208

Sideral Linhas Aéreas nicelly made by @dawed , missing 737-400 Mercado Livre colors (suggestion)
Latam group nicelly made by Dawed
Itapemirim also nicelly made by Dawed (suggestion: A319 repaint, soon on fleet)


Welcome back. Yes, there is a lot of work for Brazilian mods. :smiley:

cool sugestions, welcome back! Help is truly needed :wink:

Any updates on the redo of Alaska Airlines?

So far no one has decided to do that.

here it is

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Welcome back Air Berlin :slight_smile:

New mod is up with bigger fleet and better livieres. Including A319 (old+last livery), A320 (old+last livery), A321 (last). B738 (last), Q400 (last+white) and A332 (last)


===Kulula MultiLivery Update===
Finally here it is, the ML Update of Kulula! The last plane took me months before i could finish it

  • Merge Contracts of different Liveries to 2 Contracts only
  • Split in Active Fleet and Retro Fleet
  • Imrpoved (Mostly new painted) existing planes (change from B737-600 to B737-800 instead of 400)

==Kulula Active Contract==

  • Improved B737-800 Main Livery (2 Versions) with SCIMITAR Winglets
  • Improved SL B737-800 ZS-OAP Flying 102
  • Improved SL B737-800 ZS-ZWQ Vitality
  • Improved SL B737-800 ZS-ZWT Europcar

== Kulula Retro Contract==

  • SL Changed to B737-800 ZS-OAF Camouflage
  • SL Changed to B737-800 ZS-ZWO ThisWayUp
  • SL Changed to B737-800 ZS-ZWP Flying101
  • SL Changed to B737-800 ZS-OAP Europecar
  • SL Changed to B737-800 ZS-OAM Globe Europecar
  • SL Changed to B737-800 ZS-OAG Zippy Plane
  • SL Changed to B737-800 Kulula Tail Only
  • Add A320
  • Add B737-600 (200 Look-a-like) Main Livery
  • Add SL B737-600 (200 Look-a-like) Daylight Savings
  • Add B737-800 First Main Livery
  • Add SLB737-800 ZS-OAO Vuvuzela
  • Add SL B737-800 ZS-ZWO Europcar
  • Add SL B737-800 ZS-OTH Cow
  • Add SL B737-800 ZS-OTF Jetsetter
  • Add MD80 ZS-OBF
  • Add MD80 ZS-OBG
  • Add MD80 ZS-OBH
  • Add MD80 ZS-OBK
  • Add MD80 ZS-OBL
  • Add MD80 ZS-OPU

Just 2 Screenshots, else it would be to much… check steam Steam Workshop::Kulula, there they are :slightly_smiling_face: