ACEO-40271 Pushback without boarding any passengers

Hopefully this also prevents the flights pushing back from a busy gate if one of the services has delayed the boarding trigger :slight_smile: happy customers are the ones you can send elsewhere :wink:

That’s why I said ‘from my point of view’. I’m not saying it’s fixed the situation in your airport, only your testing will prove that.

Which is why I said hopefully also. Just being friendly, you aren’t being officially interviewed :wink:

Understood :wink:

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Would it be helpful to report any more instances of the delayed flights pushing back without the boarding process happening, and specify which gate and flight number? I maybe missed it out on previous reports without it being obvious which flight out of 30+ it is haha (my bad!)

Like I say it seems to be if cleaning takes too long during turnaround preventing boarding, the aircraft won’t wait around for boarding to start late and finish late. Instead it just pushes back without boarding any passengers soon as cleaning is completed (or sometimes boarding starts very briefly taking only a small number of waiting passengers). The airbridge is moved away soon as cleaning is completed.

Is this behavior happening on the latest beta? If so then yes it should be reported, but if it’s on beta 5 then no.

Beta 6 still occurring ACEO-40787 (can also report prior to it happening if might be helpful, as it was shortly into a save game)

Can you trigger the issue?
For me it’s completely random and most time I don’t even see that it happened.

The report above, it occurs again on the same stand same flight (if fast forward to next day can see it). Time to go investigator :wink: ZM627 the dream come true flight for the crew, no passengers! (that crowd is the passengers that had just went to approach desk, then turned away as flight pushed back without them)

The flight was delayed already, baggage was late and cleaning likely slightly late. I’ve purposely shown time there to help show the flight was late but now massively.

Deployed a bunch of fixes for remote on beta 7. Still having issues there?

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Hi @Olof,

Not sure if you mean the remote boarding bug I mentioned in main thread (thanks for the very fast fixing of that into beta 7 i noticed it on the release log!)

Or are you meaning the pushback issue mentioned in this threat with flights pushing back without letting passengers start boarding? :slight_smile:

I’m going to start playing on experimental branch now that the game is getting more and more stable on that branch. I’ll look out for both scenarios after running the game for a few “game days” on Beta 7 version.


EDIT: Both the above mentioned appear to be fixed but will keep a close eye on them and report back any issues :slight_smile: Thank you!

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