ACEO-36037 - rendering changed to brighter planes

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I filled Bug Report ACEO-36037 cause @ReV0LT and i noted while modding that the planes look much brighter than before B2… on a MD11 the wing-shadows are allmost not notable…
Time on airport (in my case) is allways same and it is not a Mod problem cause on a vanilla plane it looks same too…

we checked screenshots also on other planes and there is notable as well:

@ReV0LT have it too

Vanilla Livery

It’s not the rendering that has changed, it’s the sun that shines a little bit brighter when it’s clear outside (and also a lot less bright when there’s ominous weather). We’re still testing and adjusting these values.


thanks for explaining! it is the new wheater system! then i will wear my sunglasses while modding :sunglasses: (disabling wheater effects works pretty good for me!)

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Yeah the default sun shine value is at 80% during “normal weather”, cranked to 90 when its sunny and drops to around 50 when it’s any form of storm, white surfaces do get a bit bright when it’s sunny so it’s probably accurate but doesn’t always translate well. Might reduce to 85% once we do some more testing.

dawed wearing his sunglasses to reflect the bright lights, pictured


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