ACEO-14704 Enable-Disable Night Flights

At present, once Night Flights have been researched, you cannot disable it. There are times when the player may wish to disable night flights, such as when making large-scale changes to airport. If there are incoming flights, you are not able to remove stands, checkin desks, shuttle bus stops, service car stops, because they are attached to the incoming flights.

There should be a radio button on the Operations screen, such that the player can enable and disable Night Flights.

Disabling Night Flights begs the question: how to handle enroute and scheduled night flights?

  1. Enroute night flights. Allow them to arrive and be processed normally.

  2. Scheduled night flights. Move them to the queue on the left side of the Flight Planner screen.
    a. If auto-scheduler is enabled, it will schedule the flights during daytime hours as if auto-scheduler was never researched. No change required for the algorithms.
    b. If auto-scheduler is disabled, the player schedules the flights. No change to algorithms.


Yes, I’d like to have that. In fact I have read that request before somewhere in the forum.

I don’t even unlock night flights because it’s like opening a can of worms.


@Titule. On my current playthrough, I haven’t unlocked it either. It is a PAIN.

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Maybe with gate changes possible (not a re-schedule, without punishment), it would be okay. Not sure…

I’d prefer the first solution. That one would be even more powerful, if we had stand-by stands for delayed flights.

I’m confused about your counting.
I thought turn off night flights was the first solution and stand-by stands the second.
I want to have both, even if maybe stand-by stands could solve Dallas problem.

Well, he wanted to turn off night flights because he wants a timewindow to rebuild his airport without planes interfering. So, shutting down nightflights will prevent the autoscheduler from doing stuff at night. Having an addidional reserve stand that can take over for a stand you might want to close for reconnection or even rebuild, would speed things up even more as you can get through delayed flights faster. But then, you are right, a reserve stand would be a nice solution for the problem without the need of disabling night flights. Under the current circumstances night flights are in certain situations a bad thing as they deadlock stands. This never should be an issue - it is just an allowance to have an extended window of operations. The problems are stands which cannot be altered as long as stuff starts and lands there. We cannot delegate the assignments to other stands to free them.

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This would get my vote, post it in next feature voting round pls.

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I’d love to see this! I get that we now have feature voting but I wouldn’t say that this was a big enough feature to be part of the voting system, we already have the ability to turn it on so I can see much development work to be able to reverse that function.

Maybe a quick win for the devs as part of the next cycle. :smiley:

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