About HR Manager abilities: I wish for the ability of 'Applicant Assessment'

I understand, that the abilities of staff are or will be important within the game. The problem is: I get a big load of applications each day and need to choose the right man/woman for the right job while juggling with questions like “how to connect these taxiways”, “why does my conveyor not work” to “my flight contracts are finished - I need to get more” to “This shop is empty again…another 4 days over?”. Mostly, I just hire them all, hoping, that a big number of employees will help me. What I want to see, is to tell the HR Manager to have a kind of template where I can tell him "Hire up to X Security with 85%+ logic and 65%+ pleasantness, Pay a max. sum of Y. Reject all applications worse than Z% to requirements so when I look into it or have to hire a bunch of new guys at once I can scrape the barrel a bit. Basically spoken: Tell the manager how many guys to hire and what quality. Maybe, he should present you with a number of needed workers for optimum shifts, send workers to training (maybe for later that a ramp agent cannot handle big flights without qualifications or improving their skill). Tell him once and let him do his job. Being a CEO is about delegating tasks.


It would be great if we have more managment options in the game. I think all concept upt to now involved in the game is based in airport construction, not in CEO management.

HR Department must be responsible to hire and fire employees that don’t perform! Like we don’t know certainly how a worker is performing: good or bad? HR analyst staff maybe be added to the game to handle this issues: doing performance analysis, hiring, firing, training and paying employees. A sheet or graph show how employees are doing and their happiness.


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