Ability to set staff resting thresholds (when to begin/end)

I noticed that some tasks (like opening a boarding desk) were not assigned to some closeby staff members in a staffroom nearby because they were resting. Because of this some other staff members had to come from outside the security zone which caused a delay.

I assume that they were not assigned to the staff in the staffroom because they were in ‘rest’ mode and couldn’t be assigned any tasks… and I guess that’s fine. I also assume that staff has some sort of ‘energy’ level and that they will begin resting when it goes down a certain level, and continue working after the have rested enough.

What I propose is the ability to have some sliders where you can set:
A: the threshold for when staff begins resting
B: the threshold for when staff can begin receiving tasks again (maybe I want my staff to begin receiving tasks again on 50% energy)
B: (optional) the threshold for when staff has rested enough and has to go back to normal duties

again this is based on some assumptions… and i couldnt find any topic about this, if it exists, my bad

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I think developers just released an update related to this issue. You can check it out.

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