Ability to plan terminal layout

Should be a way to plan out a terminal with lines that don’t build but stay there to show layout. A lot like prison architect, pictures attachedimage


I love Prison Architect and I agree.

What I do, is hack GameData.json to give myself several million dollars. I then layout a rough blueprint of the entire terminals, runways, taxiways, vehicle depots and now waste, catering, de-icing fluid depots, etc. I save this and take a screen shot as well. I then begin my “real” game with $100000, and use my blueprint screenshot to build.

sidebar: I wish Introversion (PA devs) made PA multi-floor before moving on to their next project.


I’ve started playing prison architect on the iPad , should really start using this method :joy:

This could be indeed a not too dificult feature to implement but a very convenient one. Will probably have one of my vote in the next voting round !

Great idea! I leave this here:

Airport planning by @alpha

Airport planning by @Seashell

Would be more logical if you group together so people can vote on one feature instead of 3 or more :wink:

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Yes, I agree, this is definitely a feature Alexander will be looking at not too far from now.


Yes, didn’t I propose that too somewhere?
Now I do it somehow like @dallas: I make a copy of the save-game and set sandbox=true in GameData.json and plan ahead.
Then, with a screenshot and the original game, I work for the development of the airport.

Would be easier with the blueprint and, while we’re at it, an estimation of the costs, construction and maintenance.

Hey @Olof Is this the secret feature 14968? :smiley:

@Olof any news about this feature?

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