A318 lets finish A320family

Since we have now A320/A319/A321 why not finish A320 family line up?


Unfortunalety there are many more members of A320 family :slight_smile:

A319-100 :white_check_mark:
A320-200 :white_check_mark:
A321-200 :white_check_mark:


I meant original A320 line up with no NEOs / LRs

@Fredrik I hope we get the possiblity to create aircraft mods , then we get all planes much faster :wink:
And could we get the A321 mod kit , that we can use it ?

@Fredrik Is responsible for that I think…

we need A318 and Neo Familly

You are correct. Fredrik has the A series in this instance.

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I hope we get the possiblity to create aircraft mods

Hopefully it will be here somewhere in the future, Olof made a recent remark around it:

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Making the A318 would require more work than for instance the A319. The fuselage would need to be shortened, the vertical stabilezer is taller than on the rest of the A320series, and finally, the sharklets would have to be removed as no A318 is equipped with sharklets and all A318s use the standard wingtip. In my opinion, we should have more variaty in the A320 CEO series, like planes with or without sharklets, or with CFM, or IAE engines. All A320series planes currently in game use shaklets and IAE engines, which would not work with A318. Obviously, we can have all the NEO variants, which would only require one new engine design and sharlets are already in game. Maybe we could even have A321neo LR, with Airbus Cabin Flex door configuration.


Well, A319-100 an A319-100LR are visually identical, so I guess we saved some work :wink:. Also both A321-100 and A321-200 are visually the same.

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