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Currently i am in year 8 of my save and have not been playing for 2500 game days, so a game year is not 365 days, it would be great since a day is a day in game time to expand this to have a more accurate month and year so the date reads day X, month X and year X. This would stretch the year out more giving time for each season and allowing a light simulation which means instead of it getting dark at 7pm and getting light at 7am it could have graduated light so there was more light in the summer months and less light in the winter. The financial data could be updated to display turn over as a monthly figure as well as day and year.

Why it should be implemented:


Yes game Time must be slowed down. Come join our cult who also wants to see slower in game time in AirportCEO :wink:


Interesting idea! However, one of the main reasons a year is “only” 12 days is to allow people to experience the seasons and feel that time is progressing. 8 years is quite a long time and I know that not many people have played for that long on the same save. If it was a realistic 365 days year, then you would have only have played for 96 days, just over a single season. So basically that is our thinking behind swapping months and days to make the players feel like a year is passing by a bit quicker. :slight_smile:

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I see where you are coming from @Fredrik with regards that players get to experience the whole range of seasons in a shorter period, however as this uk player can testify just because its may may or month 5 doesn’t mean it wont snow, rain can happen all year round, thunderstorms can be a result of good weather as well as bad, if you place your airport down in other parts of the world wind might be more prevalent, or cold or heat, however what the expansion of time gives is more varied light. Imagine placing your airport in the upper part of the northern hemisphere where it might be light for 6 months and then dark from 6 month if that was tied to power usage in the future that would become a challenge in itself. Since the short version already exists i would not remove it i would make the realistic timescale a user selectable option as an alternative.

Slow down the time!!!

I like to see the seaons change indeed, but yet they change too fast to really enjoy them. Longer years is a big yes from me. What i don’t like about the seaons is you only have one type of view per season, I don’t know that many places that see snow all winter long. Having seen we got a google earth like map where we point out we’re placing our airport, is it possible for the game to load the typical climate for the region we’re selecting to mtahc a little more?

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